Walk In The Park is a video by Meatsleep[1], and is possibly the most popular video of theirs. The video is six minutes and fifty seconds, and it was released on 12 May, 2014.


The first half of the film shows police officers inspected a crime scene, gathering around a dead body. It is assumed that the location is in a park. Disco music is played in the background of the film, but is obviously not part of the original video. The second half of the video is glitchy, but reads "NOT ENOUGH SPACE," which may have to do with a VHS tape being taped over. The music is still heard in the background, but slightly more warped than previous.


The title is likely a reference to the idiom "walk in the park," which is defined as "something easy or pleasant, especially by comparison to something." It is possible that the murder seen in the video was easy or easy to get away with, as seen by the perpetrator.

The video was supposedly filmed in 1994, and shows police observing the two bodies. The music used in the film has yet to be identified, but it probably has no significance. During the Meatsleep AMA, Meat was asked "Where does the music in the first 3 minutes of Walk In The Park come from?". His response was "walking in the park".

During the glitchy scene, certain words flash on the screen. The word "WILLI" flashes on the screen at the 5:00 mark. The words "IT HURTS" flash on the screen at the 5:43 mark, and the word "HELP" flashes at the 6:13 mark.

Meat's commentEdit

In the comment section of the video, Meat provided the dates and weather conditions of which the video was originally filmed.

Issued: 4:00 PM CST Monday 12 May 1994

  102.7 kPa
  24 km

  N 22 gust 34 km/h

This comment is suspected to be related to the unsolved murder of Alton Hugh Grizzle, which occurred in Toronto, Canada on 9 May, 1994. The problem with Meat's comment is that 12 May, 1994 was a Thursday, not a Monday.