Sewn kin 3 (stylised as sewn kin 3) is the second documented video released by the YouTube channel Sewnkin. The video is thirteen seconds long, and it was released in March of 2014. The video was deleted by the original uploader, and it was later reuploaded by Meatsleep under the title "ₛₑ⍒⎍ⓚ⑊⭔."


The majority of the video is a closeup of what appears to be skin. A closeup of what appears to be a broken vial with a red substance is also seen. Muffled buzzing is heard. Near the end of the video, the camera (while unfocused) is taken through a hallway. The video ends with the number 5 typed on a computer screen and a loud static noise.


The tones throughout the video encode the message "SEWN KIN" through the relative pitches between pairs of consecutive tones. The higher a note is relative to the previous note (except for the "N K"), the further the encoded letter is through the alphabet.

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