Sewn kin 2 (stylised as sewn kin 2) is the second documented video released by the YouTube channel Sewnkin. The video is thirty-nine seconds long, and it was released in March of 2014. The video was deleted by the original uploader, and it was later sampled in the video for 9grouse再発 by Meatsleep.


The video opens with an image of a red first aid box hanging on the wall. Closeups are then shown of what appear to be an anatomy skull. Dried red leaves can also be seen on a shelf next to the jaw of the skull. Antlers are then shown nailed to the wall, and the video ends with a scene of a dark staircase going down.

A voice throughout the video can be heard, but it's speech is warped by static noises.


The skull seen in the video has been identified as that of a horse.


Three, one, sewn kin... [inaudible]
Five, five, five, five, five. Five.

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