Sentubai (stylised as senTUbai) is a video by Meatsleep. The video was released on the website Vidme by an anonymous user on 5 January, 2016. The video is forty seconds long.


The video shows closeups of titles of videos uploaded by the YouTube account ClockworkOfMadness. They include "Why I am done with Meat" and "TO MEATSLEEP." Then, an image shows a list of ClockworkOfMadness's videos organised in date added. Most of the recently released videos are related to Meatsleep. The rest of the video shows the image of ClockworkOfMadness's videos with the phrase "BYOUMEI KOI WAZURAI" typed over them. The song continues until it glitches at the end of the chorus. The last ten seconds of the video is silent.


The title of the video is possibly Chinese for "Sent U Worship," but it seems lost in translation. The video is one of three videos released to diss the YouTuber ClockworkOfMadness, whom, at the time, released videos analysing Meatsleep's videos.

The video was released by an anonymous user on the website Vidme, but the link to the video was tweeted by Meatsleep, so it can only be assumed to be a video from Meat.

The phrase "Byoumei: Koi Wazurai" is Japanese for "Diagnosis: Lovesickness." The song played throughout the video is 'G.O.M.D.' by J Cole ("G.O.M.D." is an acronym for "Get Off My Dick").


I know the reason you feel the way
I know just who you wan' be
So everyday I thank the man upstairs
That I ain't you and you ain't me

Get off my dick, woah
(Get the fuck off my dick)
Get off my dick, woah
(Get the fuck off my dick nigga)
Get off my dick, bitch, woah
(Get the fuck off my dick)
Get off my dick...