Sallutujuq (stylised as sallutujuq) is a video by Meatsleep. The video is nine seconds long, and was released on 4 October, 2015.


The video opens with an extremely pixelated view of a ferry ride. The last second of the video shows the message "ametama tenole beking kubosava" as a scream blares in the style of a jump-scare.


The title of the video is Inuit for "liar."

The scream heard in the video has been traced back to a MrKatyia video titled "biological attacks very loud," in which the video shows a woman standing in the back of a room and shouting as loud as she can.[1]

The video is filmed from the perspective on the ferry that garō guro showed previously.

The message "ametama tenole beking kubosava" is not in a different language, but is actually a list of users on the internet similar to Meat. AmetamaAh is a user on YouTube that posts video in a series titled "sewn kin," which is heavily referenced by Meat in many videos. Tenole Beking is the original person behind the "sewn kin" series, but his videos were uploaded to the Russian video sharing website VK, under their own respective names. "Kubosava" is the name of a group pages on the website VK, which is run by Tenole Beking.

Many people believe that Meat was upset at Ametama for reuploading Sewnkin's videos and stealing the videos' views, which is to explain the call out in the video.