S aying s (stylised as s aying s) is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video was released on 7 January, 2016. The video is three minutes and eighteen seconds, but a glitch only shows four seconds.


The film fades in from the colour beige. A body dressed in all black is seen laying on the ground in a plain area near trees. A teal tarp is seen to the left covering an unknown object. The centre of the image is pixelated. In a stop-motion animation, the body is seen sliding from the left to the right of the frame. An image flashes on the screen of the person, now kneeling, facing an orange yoga ball which has been pixelated. The video then cuts to a different part of the yard where the person is seen standing up. They wave at the camera as the stop motion animation makes the person appear to be sliding. The centre of the screen is also pixelated. As the person approaches the centre of the screen, their body rotates twice before sliding off screen. The music continues past the four seconds of footage.

The description of the video was:

s aying s


The music heard throughout the video has been revealed to be an original composition by Meatsleep. The video is identical to the video released previous to this one, sayings, but the man only rotates twice in this video, while the man rotates four times in the previous video.

The actor in the video cannot be identified, but he appears to be an older man with white hair and a white beard.


I'll be yours in a [?]
So I will take my time
To [pass the time][?]