#martober is a video by Meatsleep. The video is fifty-six seconds long, and it was released on 1 November, 2015.


The video fades from black and shows a scene of a woman swimming underwater, only to discover a dead body at the bottom. The video then cuts to a scene of a man jumping out of a creek to talk to his friends. The woman underwater swims to the surface to get help, possibly because she can't swim. The video ends with a scene of people gathering, with troubled looks on their faces. Distorted music plays throughout the video.


The scenes in the video are from the 1980 Canadian horror movie Funeral Home and the song is theorised to be 'Never Sleep' by Gunnar Olsen.


The title of the video was previously used for a 2014 video of the same name. The title has two possible theories:

The first (being more likely) is a reference to the book The Diary of a Madman by Nikolai Gogol. In the story, the protagonist uses a diary to write and document his decent into madness. As the diary continues, the dates become more random, beginning with "the 43rd of April" and going on to "the 86th of Martober." This may be a reference to Meatsleep's decent into insanity.

The second theory may be that Meatsleep is only active on their YouTube account between the months March and October, including the availability of their videos. The latter theory has been proven false, due to Meat's activity on the channel since this video's upload.

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The original video was deleted off of meat's channel, along with many other videos. Fortunately, a YouTube channel known as Meatsleep Archives re-uploaded the video.