Krystalschilling written is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is two minutes and nine seconds long, and it was released on 16 January, 2016.


The video shows a woman wearing headphones talking to her webcam about a website called Patreon. She is trying to persuade her audience into supporting her and her books by giving her monthly pledges, which she explains is similar to a monthly paycheque. The screen cuts to a demonstration on how to pledge money, and the example given is for the artist Nataly Dawn, the lead singer in the band Pomplamoose. The screen cuts back to the woman and she concludes the video.

Throughout the video, the woman is speaking in a whisper, so it is difficult to hear her.

The description of the video was:

we all must eat the food. gived yr best for local #eropasta


The woman's name is Krystal Schilling, and she is an author. She has written six books, for of which are of the horror genre.


This is my Patreon video. Patreon is a site where artists go for support and
supporters pledge money to their favorite under-funded artists. Donations are 
given monthly, so it's more like you're deciding to give a monthly paycheque 
rather than a one-time show of support. You can set a monthly limit so you 
don't accidentally go over budget. It's not one-sided though. Many artists, 
myself included, offer rewards for pledges. Rewards are posted on the artist's 
profile page. Feel free to take a look. In the activity feed part of the 
artists page, you can post fan art, get to know other supporters called 
Patreons, and leave comments for the artist. Here is a sample of what it looks 
like to become a Patreon. 

For me, I am a writer. Currently I am offering you two free stories, and the 
rest of my work I am mostly trying to turn into e-books. I have already 
published some on Amazon but the problem is that's a lot of people don't want 
to spend very much for e-books, and Amazon has some plain restrictions that I 
haven't been able to meet, so I haven't been able to get anything. I will 
mostly be using my pledges as a regular paycheque, but I will post some goals 
so you have some idea of where the money is going instead of it just being in 
general. For now, I have a very small goal which is basically just to replace 
the foam on my headphones here since they don't have any right now, and music 
helps me focus which helps and me get more writing done. For the future, I 
would hope to have bigger goals; maybe for better advertising for my e-books, 
or bigger goals like rent and the groceries even. But that is all for now. 
Thanks for your time.