Girls Rituals Treat Me Like a Doll is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is four minutes and thirty-three seconds long, and it was released on 15 January, 2016.


The video opens with a title card that reads "TREAT ME LIKE A DOLL." Scenes from an animated Bratz movie are seen as well as the members of the group, both with a doll-inspired look. The video also features closeups of Bratz dolls, most of which are undressed. The video ends and it advertises the album Reddishness by Girls Rituals.

The description of the video was:

support yr local creepypasta


The song is 'Treat Me Like A Doll' by Girls Rituals, from the album Reddishness. "Blacksquares" is the name of the record label based in Toronto, Canada that signed the band Girls Rituals. The entire music video is themed Bratz, a product line of fashion dolls. Girls Rituals has responded to their relation with Meatsleep, and they are repulsed by their association with Meat, and expressed how uncomfortable they are with being pulled into this.[2]

When the video was uploaded by Meatsleep to their channel, the quality was significantly worse. The original music video was in 1080p HD. However, the video uploaded to Meat's channel was only 480p.

The spelling of the word "your" in the description of the video is a parody of the way it was originally spelled in the lyrics of the song, specifically in the line "i wanna build a nest inside yr lungs."


If you really want 
I’ll become the smog around you 
I’ll surround you with my love 
No matter how much 
How could it ever be enough 

I want to take care of all your needs 
I wanna give you everything 
I wanna build a nest inside your lungs 
And curl up and go to sleep as close as I can be to you 

Keep me 
Keep me safe 
I need you 
More than anything 

Treat me like a doll 
I'll be super perfect 
See the real me 
Buried in the plastic 

Every fucking day 
I wake up in a panic 
Spinning like a drill 
I can never stop tearing up inside myself 

I built myself 
From barely fitting parts 
Scraped up off the floor 

Melting in the heat 
Melting you and me together 

What's this stuff?
Is it even flesh?
Is it even blood?
Is it even me?

I built myself 
From barely fitting parts 
I still fall apart