Dial (stylised as "dial" and "DIAL") is a series of videos released by Meatsleep on 8 October, 2015. The series consists of five videos, all varying different lengths. All of the videos play the same song, but each one varies in speed.


"Black version"Edit

The black version (titled "dial") was the first video released. The video is twenty-two seconds long.

"Grey version"Edit

The grey version (titled "dial") was the second video released. The video is twenty-two seconds long. This song is a slightly lower octave than that of the black version.

"Yellow version"Edit

The yellow version (titled "dial") was the third video released. The video is four seconds long.

"Orange version"Edit

The orange version (titled "DIAL") was the fourth video released. The video is two minutes and fifty-nine seconds long.

"Blue version"Edit

The blue version (titled "DIAL") was the fifth and final video released. The video is one second long, and only features one note from the original audio of the song.


There seems to be no significance in any of the videos released. The title seems to be related to DIAL Records, which was a record label that specialised in swing jazz music.

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), a fan asked what the significance for these videos was. Meat did not provide an answer, and stated that the question was "nonsensical." However, when asked about the quick deletion of videos moments after a video was uploaded, the reason was for "fun."