Commencement, french for "beginning" (stylised as "commencement") is a video by Meatsleep. The video is nine minutes long, and it was released on 22 August, 2014.


The video shows a black screen for the majority of the film. At the 6:14 mark, shaky footage of a metal door is shown for one second. The door has the word "PRIVATE" printed on it, but the door has newspaper clippings in the shape of letters covering the door. The letters are in three rows, with three letters in each row. The letters, when read left-to-right, spell out "ABANDONED." As this image flashes on the screen, a garbled beeping noise plays. The image and the audio pared together has been compared to a jump-scare.

The video was re-uploaded on the same day, but many details changed. The most notable difference is that the image appears to have been rotated upside-down. The image was also darkened slightly, and the jump-scare was moved to the 3:30 mark[1].


If the viewer turns closed captioning on for the video, the message "55555 5 55" will appear for the first second of the video. A few days after the video was published, Meat commented on the video with a fleur-de-lis symbol (⚜). The beeping noise heard in the video is assumed to be the sound of a phone number, with each pitch representing a different number. It is unknown what the number is though.

The word "commencement" means the beginning of something. Some people believe that the title of the video means that in the beginning, it was dark. The numbers that appear in the transcript of the video may possibly be a phone number. The fleur-de-lis symbol is a symbol that was once used to mark slaves. It is now used to represent Quebec.