Byt (stylised as byt) is a video by Meatsleep. The video was released on the website Vidme by an anonymous user on 5 January, 2016. The video is six seconds long.


The video opens with a message sent to Meatsleep regarding the authenticity of Meat's videos. The message read, "Hi. Clockworkofmadness says you copied videos from Kubosava, is it true?", followed by a flushed face emoji. The video then cuts to a scene of a closeup of a man in a car. As he is rapping, the words are not synchronised with the movement of his mouth.


The title of the video is an abbreviation for "Bitch, You Thirsty." The video is one of three videos released to diss the YouTuber ClockworkOfMadness, whom, at the time, released videos analysing Meatsleep's videos.

The video was released by an anonymous user on the website Vidme, but the link to the video was tweeted by Meatsleep, so it can only be assumed to be a video from Meat.

The song played in the video is by Vince Staples, and it is called 'Norf Norf.'


Bitch, you thirsty.
Please grab a Sprite.