Bonhomme sept heures (stylised as "bonhomme sept heures") is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is one minute and fifty seconds long, and it was released on 7 September, 2014.


The majority of the video is a black screen with slow jazz music playing. The last five seconds of the video show a view of a hole in the ceiling from a dark room.

According to multiple sources, there was also a second version of this video. It supposedly opened with a street sign that read "Chemin des Sept" for four seconds. This version of the video was removed a week after its initial upload.


The title of the video is French for "bogeyman," and it literally translates to "man of the seventh hour."

In the lost version of the video, the street sign that reads "Chemin des Sept" is French for "Path of Seven."

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