Birthright (stylised as "BIRTHRIGHT") is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is one minute and nine seconds long, and it was released on 24 May, 2014.


The entire video uses a flickering effect on the footage. The video shows scenes of the following locations: a door in a brick wall, an abandoned living room, a window (with a mannequin arm), an abandoned bedroom (with a deer head mounted on the wall), a bathroom shower, an attic, and trees. A bumble bee is also seen, and the music becomes more harsh towards the end of the video.


The title pared with the imagery of the video have left some to believe that a home to live in is something that people should be entitled to from birth. A home is a birthright, so to speak.

In the video, the mannequin arm is shown sitting in the window sill, and the left hand is missing the fourth finger, the wedding ring finger. In the comments section of the video, Meat commented "וְהוּא, אִשָּׁה בִבְתוּלֶיהָ יִקָּח," which is from the Hebrew Bible. The verse is Leviticus 21:13, and it translates to "he shall take a wife in her virginity." This basically means that the woman a man marries must be a virgin. The lack of the ring finger may mean that the woman got a divorce, which means that she was previously with a man, meaning she is not a virgin.

Because of the religious themes of the video, we can only assume that the deer head has some connotation too. Satan is often depicted with horns, and is even described as having seven heads and ten horns. That being said, deers have horns as well, so the deer may symbolise Satan in this video.