38 204 is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is five seconds long, and was released on 1 April, 2016


Two men are seen; one wearing a white tank-top and a hat, and the other in an open red flannel shirt. The man in the flannel slaps both of his ankles, and a sign that reads "204" is seen behind his head as he is doing so.


The video was published as unlisted, and the link to the video was tweeted by Meatsleep. The video was only up for approximately ten minutes.

The title comes directly from the video. The number "38" is spoken by the man in the tank-top, and the number "204" can be seen on a sign behind the man in the flannel.

The "38" referred to in the video is likely a gun, specifically a .38 special revolver. This conclusion can be made, as guns can be concealed in the socks of carriers, and the slapping of the man's ankles prove that he is not carrying one.

The video is a clip from the 1976 Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver. The actors seen in this video (from left to right) are Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro


After "No More." was released, most (if not all) of Meatsleep's fanbase believed that Meat was over. After this video was uploaded, there were mixed reactions.

Some fans believed that the video was fake. Because the video was uploaded on April Fools Day, they called it off as a prank, even though that was not the case.


Travis Bickle: Thirty-eights? Nah.

Matthew "Sport" Higgins: Nah?

Travis: I'm clean, man.