飧 is a video by Meatsleep. The video was uploaded on 2 October, 2015. The video is one of the many "glitch" videos that Meat has created. Although the video is twenty-five seconds long, the slider at the bottom of the video only goes to one second.


The film fills the views screen with the colour green.


The title of the video is Chinese for "supper." The commercial at the beginning of the video is for a chicken commercial in Canada, whose brand is Maple Leaf Prime. The audio is then recycled for the video released after this one titled "飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧 飧.

The transcript is a reference to a Sewnkin video that was reuploaded by Kubosava titled "ΠŸΡΡ‚ΡŒΡΠΎΡ‚ ΠΏΡΡ‚ΡŒΠ΄Π΅ΡΡΡ‚ ΠΏΡΡ‚ΡŒ тысяч ΠΏΡΡ‚ΡŒΡΠΎΡ‚ ΠΏΡΡ‚ΡŒΠ΄Π΅ΡΡΡ‚ ΠΏΡΡ‚ΡŒ," which is Russian for "Five hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred fifty-five." Meatsleep is known to reupload Sewnkin's videos, which can be seen in the videos "circle," "β‚›β‚‘β’βŽβ“šβ‘Šβ­”," and "foreverhome."


  Narrator in commercial:
Filling the plates with tender meat. Succulent taste.

Five hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred and fifty-five. Five. 
Five. Five sewnkin five.

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