我々は、すべての友人です。一緒に私たちが見て。我々は注意する必要があります is a video by Meatsleep. The video was uploaded at 1 A.M. on October 11, 2015, and was left up for a week before being set on Private.


A male voice is speaking as a low hum is heard in the background. The entire video shows a spectrogram of the audio playing. At the last second of the video, the audio amplifies to exceeding proportions.

The description of the video was:


The title of the video is Japanese for "We are all friends. Together we look. We need to be careful." The description of the video is Traditional Chinese for "Family."

The video is simply just Meatsleep recognising his 10,000 subscribers. In a way, this video could either be a thank you or a taunt.

A woman can be heard speaking in the video, and it is theorised that she is saying "De tú," which is Spanish for "of you," but this cannot be confirmed.

The use of the spectrogram in the video could be hinting that Meatsleep have and will use spectrograms to hide hidden messages and meanings in his videos, as seen in the video "amekuluk migiallunsâtuinnalittuk."


Twenty thousand eyes, all watching, all wishing, all helping, together. Who is
watching? Are you watching? Are you helping? Are you all together? Are we all

(De tú)

Careful. You look good. Watch, think, drink, sleep, dream, sleep, sleep, 
sleep, very careful.

(De tú)

Careful. We are all together. Be careful, ten thousand.