サリドマイド is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is forty-one seconds long, but a glitch makes the scroll bar only go to twelve seconds. The video was released on 5 January 2016.


The video opens with a grey screen and a woman's voice reading Spanish numbers. The video then glitches to an image of a door. The image of the door then rotates 90° counterclockwise. An images of a first aid box and a skull flash on the screen before the image freezes on the skull. The audio continues with the woman's voice until the end.


The title of the video is Japanese for "thalidomide," an immunomodulatory drug used mainly as a treatment of certain cancers and of a complication of leprosy. The drug was formerly used as a sedative, but it was withdrawn in the early 1960s after it was found to cause congenital malformation or absence of limbs in children whose mothers took the drug during early pregnancy.

The image of the door is taken from the Sewnkin video "sewn kin 7." The images of the first aid box and the skull is also taken from a Sewnkin video, "sewn kin 2." The speaking voice heard throughout the video is from the Cuban Numbers Station, V02. This is the same voice used previously for the video fournine.


Quat-quatro, siete, uno, siete. Siete, tres, tres, dos, cinco. Dos, tres, 
ocho, quatro, tres. Siete, siete, tres, uno, uno, quatro, cinco, tres, siete, 
uno. Tres, tres, ocho, tres, siete. Diez, tres, ocho.

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