⛼ is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is three minutes and one seconds long, but the YouTube scroll bar only loads to three seconds. The video was released on 29 December, 2015.


The majority of the video is a black screen. However, at the two second mark, an image flashes on the screen. The image is tinted yellow, and consists of two emails sent from Facebook Support to Sewnkin that reported a fake account. The first email warns Sewnkin of Meatsleep's official Facebook account as a potential threat. The second email tells Sewnkin that Meatsleep Sewnkin's Facebook account has been deleted.

In the rest of the video, we can hear a pitched voice speaking. As the video continues, the voice gets slower.

The description of the video was:


It is the mass of the Higgs boson.


The title of the video is a Headstone Graveyard symbol, which may symbolise the "death" or removal of Meatsleep's Facebook account.

The video is just Meatsleep telling their viewers that their Facebook account has been removed, or if they already knew, why their Facebook was removed.

The voice heard speaking is that of a woman's, and she is speaking a list of numbers. It is unknown what the relevance of these numbers are, nor what they mean. The numerical value of the numbers is 6,675,675,555,555,555.

Still ImagesEdit


Ungrateful. Six, six, seven, five, six, seven, five, five, five, five, five, 
five, five, five, five, five.


  • This is the first video Meatsleep uploaded with their second profile picture, which is a blurry pig with an upside-down cross above it. The image was tinted slightly to a peach colour.