√∊⌊⌽∁∣ᚹ⍷d⋿ is a video by Meatsleep. The video is fifty-eight seconds long, and it was released on 7 November, 2014.


The video shows a view of the trees and the tops of buildings while the person holding the camera is riding a bicycle. Signs such as "Fresh Food" and "30" can be seen. Warped music plays during the duration of the video


The title of the video uses symbols to spell the word "Velocipede," which is an early form of bicycle propelled by working pedals on cranks fitted to the front axle.

The video was likely filmed while riding a bicycle, which is why it was titled the way it is.

The transcript is of a man speaking about traps that he's set on a trail that he camouflaged with snow. It is unknown what the man is hunting, but it may likely be coyote.


I've set a trap and I've also set several traps right on the trail that you 
can't see and I'm counting on them stepping on them because there's snow on 
top of it but the trap will still be working and as soon as they step on that 
pan that trap is strong enough to spring up and I also got to bury my chains 
on the trail. They'll never see that trap because of chunks snow that sticks 
to the other side of it so they're stepping over it and they'll step right on 
the pan