DISPIRITED (stylised as "ᚦᛧᛊᛩᛁᚱᛌᚾ ᚭᚧ)"is a video by Meatsleep. The video is two minutes and thirty-five seconds long, and it was released on 8 May, 2014. It is said that there is a second version of the video. However, this could either be a mistake, or a lost video.


The video opens with a conversation between two men as a scene from a basement is shown. A leaflet is then shown advertising a free, lifesize, inflatable sex doll. An image of a child printed in a newspaper-style is shown up close. The word "LITTLE" is focused on the screen. An advertisement for "GIRLS IN TROUBLE" is shown. "families" is also focused on the screen. The door to the basement opens and a pair of legs slowly walks down the stairs. An advertisement for a product called "Knock Out Formula" is shown. An animal, possibly a cat, is seen at the top of the staircase and closes the door. The person makes their way down the stairs and reaches for the camera. The video ends with "$79.95 per tape."


The original title of the video appears to spell "DISPIRITED," but is has been debated to also be "DEPARTED." It is spelled with Runic letters.

The commentary heard at the beginning of the video is of an owner of a horse who discovered his horse stuck somewhere. There is no source, but it is the only explanation.

The advertisements seen throughout the video are likely from a pornographic magazine, but it is not known which one. Most of the advertisements were selling illegal products, such as child pornography and rape drugs. This is likely a key factor in revealing Meat's character or personality.


  Man 1:
She was pretty damaged.

  Man 2:

  Man 1:
The way that we found her.

  Man 2:
Found her

  Man 1:
I can think back; we went out and saw her, it was actually Christmas Eve when 
we went and saw her, and she was just skin and bones. It took us, what, six...

  Man 2:
Almost six months.

  Man 1:
To get her out of where we could, get a truck back there to get her.

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